Very fine bubbles arise from the bottom of the glass and travel vividly through the pale yellow coloured wine resulting in a delicate foam head. The carbon dioxide liberates the deep, complex and mature aromas of freshly roasted nuts and freshly made pastry to reach the head space in your glass. The citrus, apple and pear aromas are still noticeable present in the background. Clearly the result from the intense connection between the wine and the yeast established during gentle aging of the wines of exceptional quality originating from the grapes of the best vineyards. 
An exceptional pure wine overwhelms your taste. An incredible round, full-bodied taste without any addition of sugar is the trademark of our fuga cava vintage. A long delicious aftertaste emphasizes its maturity and strengthens easily its competitive position towards good champagnes at a fraction of the price. The composition is carefully selected to achieve this high-end brut nature which is honoured by all connoisseurs. 

Food Pairing
With Cava fuga vintage, Fuga Moments provides you with the top of our product range, served chilled at about 5 - 7 C. The precious sparkling wine is best accompanied with equally noble food stuffs such as lobster, crab, oysters and other delicate shellfish. People suffering from diabetes are mostly allowed to consume this brut nature, because no additional sugar is added. Perfect for enabling exceptional culinairy experiences.

Since the love of the product is the main incentive for this exquisite cava fuga vintage, it can be opened for a special occasion where people know the difference and share culinairy interests. Intimate moments of true love, joy or intense experiences are typically encountered when a bottle of cava fuga vintage is offered. Examples include wedding anniversaries, birthdays and intimate celebrations.

The flavour of your favorite fuga cava is adjusted on three distinct levels.
The cava consists of a typical coupage of Parellada, Macabeo and Xarrel.lo wines extended with a limited amount of chardonnay. The grapes are yearly harvested at the optimal point in time taking into account the strain, the location of the vineyard and the climate/weather. Once the wines have matured at low temperature, the blends are made with only the best wine lots.
The second fermentation proceeds in the bottle in a peaceful cellar for at least 30 months, which makes this cava a Gran Reserva. The aging of the wine in the bottle together with its yeast, results in a complex, round, mature flavour. The long aging results in more yeasty notes and finer bubbles.
When the bottle is removed from the cellar and prepared for consumption, the yeast is removed and replaced by a certain amount of expedition liquor. During this dosage, only base wine is added to maintain the complex, complete, noble product. All efforts results in a brilliant sparkling wine with a final alcohol content of 11.5 vol%.


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