Brut Rosé

Fine bubbles arise from the bottom of the glass and travel vividly through the pale reddish coloured wine. The carbon dioxide allows the sultry aroma of nutmeg, red berries and other forest fruits to escape into the foam head.
A delicate balance between fruitness and the spicyness is maintained by the limited sugar content of our fuga cava rosé. The composition is carefully selected to achieve a flavour for people who enjoy somewhat dryer, spiced beverages without compromising its natural fruity flavour. An ideal balance of spicyness and purity. 

Food Pairing
With cava fuga rosé, Fuga Moments provides you with the ideal trade-off between a spiced, round flavoured and a pure, naturally fruity product, served chilled at about 5 - 7 C. A combination with cheeses, cold cuts or charcutrie, such as smoked turkey, proves an unprecedented culinary marriage. In Spring or Summer, it serves as the perfect companion to a exquisite barbecue with charbroiled meat such as roasted pork. 

The rosé is perfectly cut for sunny days. Enjoy this magnificent wine with friends on a barbecue, garden party or just as an aperitif in the afternoon. It messages the start of a fun night, a holiday among friends, the start of a hot summerday. The sparkling wine has become a synonym for bringing the holiday feeling to your home. Also very popular and well-suited to serve in beach bars.

The flavour of your favorite fuga cava can be adjusted on three distinct levels.
The cava consists of a typical coupage of Garnacha, Monastrell and Trepat wines. The grapes are yearly harvested at the optimal point in time taking into account the strain, the location of the vineyard and the climate/weather. Once the wines have matured at low temperature, the blends are made to eventually achieve the typical fresh, tasteful yet versatile fuga cava. To achieve this remarkable pale-coloured rosé, a selection of suitable, local grape varieties was carefully made and the maceration (the intense contact of the grape juice with the pigments in the grape skin) is kept very short.  Although the blends can differ each year, only minor deviations from the typical 45/45/10 coupage are witnessed.
The second fermentation proceeds in the bottle in a peaceful cellar for at least 9 months. Because of the desired fresh spicyness, it is unnecessary to allow the wine to evolve in a very complex fashion deminishing the herbal tones.
When the bottle is removed from the cellar and prepared for consumption, the yeast is removed and replaced by a certain amount of expedition liquor. During this dosage, the amount of sugar in the added wine determines the actual sweetness of the cava. For our rosé, sugar contents may as high as 10 g/L but no lower than 5 g/L. In our fuga cava semi seco, the sugar content is set to 6 g/L which is close to the lower limit of the acceptable range because of the desired equilibrium between the fruityness and spicyness. All efforts result in a brilliant sparkling wine with a final alcohol content of 11.5 vol%.


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