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Parés Bàlta: biodivers and biodynamic
In our quest for a fuga-worthy biological cava we visited more than fice different winemakers. Among these, Parés Bàlta was by far the most impressive one. The history of the family vineyards located in Pacs Del Penedès goes back to 1790, when the first vines were planted. Since then, Parés Baltà has been cultivating wines in an ecological fashion and in 2004 all wines and cavas were certified.
No pesticides, herbicides nor synthetic fertilizers are ever used. The only protection against certain worms and parasites consists of a mixture of copper sulphate, chalk and water and is better known as "Bordeaux broth". The counsel which is responsible for the control and certification of the ecological production: the CCPAE (Consell Català de la Producció Agrària Ecológica) is a department of the ministry of agriculture of Catalunya. This institute watches over the European legislation 2092/91 which forbids the use of chemical and synthetic agents.
Sheep are allowed to graze after the harvest and prune of the vines in a natural matter in order to strengthen the remaining grapes. The vineyards are also not artificially irrigated.
As of 2011, PB took it even further and started with respectful cultivation by means of the biodynamic principles. One year later, this methodology was applied to all vineyards and to date the winerie is certified with the biodynamic Demeter label. This way of working is completely based on the presence of sufficient biodiversity and harmonisation with the universe.
Parés Baltà owns five large vineyards in different regions but are particularly proud of the ones located in the Alt-Penedès. The different locations of the vineyards give the winemakers a unique acces to different soils and climates which allow not only for the cultivation of several grape varieties but also the exploration of characteristics within one variety.

Very fine bubbles arise from the bottom of the glass and travel vividly through the pale yellow coloured wine resulting in a delicate foam head. The carbon dioxide liberates the deep, complex and mature aromas of freshly teasted bread, freshly made pastry to reach the head space in your glass. The apple and pear aromas are still noticeable present in the background. Clearly the result from the intense connection between the wine and the yeast established during gentle aging of the wines of exceptional quality.
A fresh, vivid wine overwhelms your taste and the light flavoured taste is dominated by notes of fruits. A gentle but long aftertaste emphasizes its maturity. 

Food Pairing
With Cava fuga brut bio, Fuga Moments provides you with a respectful and honest member of our product range, served chilled at about 6 - 8 C. The sparkling wine can be enjoyed as an apetiser or accompanied by Medditeranean fish dishes such as paella. The flavour can also be combined with mussels or other shellfish.

Since the love of the product is the main incentive for this honest cava fuga brut bio, it tends to be bought by people know care and are well aware of the environmental challenges. Intense moments where one may witness the beauty or the force of nature are typical occations to enjoy this cava.

The flavour of your favorite fuga cava is adjusted on three distinct levels.
The cava consists of a typical coupage of Parellada, Macabeo and Xarrel.lo, of which the first two are harvested from the Parés Bàlta vineyards at a height of 230 - 345m and the latter from a vineyard located at 630m, El Sibal. The grapes are yearly harvested at the optimal point in time taking into account the strain, the location of the vineyard and the climate/weather. Once the wines have matured at low temperature, the blends are made with only the best wine lots. Although the compostition may alter from year to year depending on the harvest, large deviations from the typical 40/30/30 ratio are seldom observed.
The second fermentation proceeds in the bottle in a peaceful cellar for at least 12 months. The aging of the wine in the bottle together with its yeast, results in a complex, round, mature flavour. The long aging results in more yeasty notes and finer bubbles.
When the bottle is removed from the cellar and prepared for consumption, the yeast is removed and replaced by a certain amount of expedition liquor. During this dosage, only base wine is added to maintain the complex, complete, noble product. All efforts results in a brilliant sparkling wine with a final alcohol content of 11.5 vol%.

Under bio supervision by Certisys BE-BIO-01.


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