Fine bubbles arise from the bottom of the glass and travel vividly through the pale yellow coloured wine. The carbon dioxide allows the dominant citrus aromas to escape from the complex wine to reveal its fresh acidic tones. In the background of these pleasant scents, a tinge of freshly roasted nuts gives itself away because of the gentle maturation accompanied with the yeast in the bottle during the second fermentation.

A well-balanced, mouth-filling wine overwhelms your taste. A delicate balance between the fresh acidity and the voluminous sweetness is the trademark of our fuga cava brut. The composition is carefully selected to achieve this versatility and makes this aperitif everyone's tasty friend. 

Food Pairing
With Cava fuga brut, Fuga Moments provides you with the ideal starter, served chilled at about 5 - 7 C. The fresh citric acidity sharpens the appetite as no other. According to the people of Catalunya, a glass of cava can be enjoyed at any time of the day, even at breakfast. A combination with typical Spanish dishes containing seafood or seasoned poultry, such as paella or tapas, proves an unprecedented culinary marriage.


Since versatility is one of the key characteristics of the brut, it can be opened for any occasion where a lot of people are present and like to enjoy a festive yet affordable drink. Enjoying one another's company and presence is key. Examples include family celebrations, garden parties with neighbours, barbecue with friends, receptions and other gatherings.


The flavour of your favorite fuga cava can be adjusted on three distinct levels.

The cava consists of a typical coupage of parellada, macabeo and xarrel.lo wines. The grapes are yearly harvested at the optimal point in time taking into account the strain, the location of the vineyard and the climate/weather. Once the wines have matured at low temperature, the blends are made to eventually achieve the typical fresh, tasteful yet versatile fuga cava. Although the blends can differ each year, only minor deviations from the typical 40/30/30 coupage are witnessed.

The second fermentation proceeds in the bottle in a peaceful cellar for at least 15 months. The aging of the wine in the bottle together with its yeast, results in a complex, round, mature flavour. The longer this aging period the more all characteristics are fused together resulting in more yeasty notes and finer bubbles. Because of the added sugar content, brut cavas will seldom age longer than 18 months but no shorter than 9 months as dictated by the D.O. Cava.

When the bottle is removed from the cellar and prepared for consumption, the yeast is removed and replaced by a certain amount of expedition liquor. During this dosage, the amount of sugar in the added wine determines the actual sweetness of the cava. In our fuga cava brut, the sugar content varies between 5 to 12 g/L depending on the verdict of the oenologists and our own fuga tasting panel. All efforts result in a brilliant sparkling wine with a final alcohol content of 11.5 vol%.


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