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RMCD bvba is an SME and was founded in Flanders, Belgium in 2009. Since 2013, the official trade name changed from House of Cava to Fuga Moments. Fuga Moments imports, markets and distributes high quality cava, wine, frizzante and recently created its own speciality beer.

RMCD operated by the name of “House of Cava” until 2013. House of Cava imported a number of different cavas in order to guide customers through the fascinating landscape of the Spanish sparkling wines that are produced according to the Méthode Traditionnelle or Méthode Champenoise. By selecting cavas with different characteristics, tastings were never dull and customers became well-informed about the products they eventually bought. While HoC committed to the education of the customers, from 2014 the fuga philosophy and experience becomes our most important driver. The change of our trade name to Fuga Moments symbolized this new strategy.

The cavas and wines are selected by and customized for Fuga Moments. We always work in close collaboration with the winegrowers to assure that the wines are perfectly tailored for Fuga Moments and eventually the Belgian market. In order to distiguish our products resulting from extensive involvement from the products found in supermarkets or retail, the wines are released under our own "fuga" private label. This helps the customers to identify and recognize our carefully selected products in the excessive range of (sparkling) wines that are available in Belgium.

Fuga Moments also acts as an independent import/export agent for new, young and authentic brands. Dream Line, the Magic Sparkling Wine, is a perfect example of our engagements in this branche. Besides the actual import and distribution business, Fuga Moments also advises and consults on marketing strategies and campaigns with a regional character.

The creation of an authentic summer ale started as a hobby project but after two years of refining eventually became a part of our activities. By working in close collaboration with Belgian brewery De Graal in Brakel, our carefully refined recipe was scaled up and resulted in our first commercially available beer: Trifolium Tripel.

Events are frequently supported and initiated by Fuga Moments. All necessary materials including bars and refridgerators are available for hire. Fuga merchandise such as glasses, ice buckets, flags etc. is continuously developed to emphasize our identity.



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