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The noun fuga originates from the latin verb fugere and means flight, escape or break away. It captures our philosophy regarding the creation of moments to increase our quality of life in our busy and stressful lifes. 

Our company logo consists of a flying bird that takes off to pursue his own journey and obviously symbolizes the escape from the daily-life stress. The stylized silhouette of the bird together with its reflection in the water form a turned hourglass which symbolizes the freezing of time when experiencing these joyous moments. The orange color reflects the more playful and young character of our company. Orange stimulates appetite and insinuates affordability, creativity, enthusiasm and fun.

The term is not only used in our company trade name but ultimately lends itself to our superior brands: cava fuga and vino fuga. The vivid bubbles in a freshly poured flute of cava are symbolized in the cava fuga brand logo. The reflection of light from a bunch of grapes is depicted in the vino fuga label.

Fuga products enable you to create and experience these relaxing moments. Our products result from generations of dedication and traditional craftsmanship and are carefully tasted, customized and selected by Fuga Moments.

The Dream Line logo contains a flame which refers to the intriging, vibrant magical effect of the sparkling wine. The red color used in the brand logo of the frizzante with unique appearance reminds you of adventure, party, energy, excitement, love and passion. The beverage is indeed more suited to be consumed at parties in clubs or other delirious events.

While reading the name Trifolium Tripel you would expect to see a three-leaved clover or a Shamrock on its label. The clover refers to the place, restaurant De Klaverhoeve - Clover shed, where the recipe of the beer was created and refined. Clovers occasionally have leaves with four leaflets, instead of the usual three. These four-leaf clovers are considered lucky. A common idiom is "to be/live in clover", meaning to live a carefree life of ease, comfort, or prosperity which ultimately refers back to our fuga philosophy. The tagline "Fortune favours the Brave!" is used to indicate the strong character and high alcohol content of the beer.


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