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We look for the best products in a realistic, acceptable price range. Yet high quality is not our only goal. We strive for identity and recognition. To be different all our brands share similar characteristics namely stylish, trendy and modern but definitely also cheer- and playful, for happy people, people who enjoy life. Each brand tells a story within the fuga philosophy and is enjoyed while experiencing a unique moment.
To support this common idea, our brands become more than just fancy products but true concepts that allow you to enjoy these moments to the fullest. The products and communication should be minimalistic yet comprehensive, simple but complete. Different flavours are available themed, that allow people to recognize the flavour they like. 

We distiguish ourselves by offering exquisite products that are easily recognized by their quality, appearance, taste or price but also through our specific services. The personal aspect of our bussiness is inherent to the close connection of our products, our philosophy and the moment one experiences when enjoying one of our products. Therefore, fuga products are almost exclusively sold through fuga ambassadors, a form of network/referral marketing and not through traditional retail or known supermarkets. Besides the personal character other benefits include sharp prices that can be offered because of the omitted distributer margin and regional exclusivity. Because of this independancy, we can offer services that cannot be provided nor expected from retail super-brands. Examples of these exceptional services would be the support of events with our own fuga bar and merchandise and the private labeling of our products for jubilees, anniversaries or other celebrations. References include companies such as Luminus, Euphony and Würth.

Fuga stands for exceptional quality at competative prices, appreciated and enjoyed by a broad audience.



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